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Financial Life Planning

The Life Planning process is at the center of what we do for clients. It’s about putting ones financial house in order by putting meaning in life first.

“My job as a Registered Life Planner (RLP®) is to help my client find their passion and create a vision for their life. Then using my knowledge and experience as a CFP® we design a well-rounded financial plan that supports that vision.”

-Martin G. Pomrehn, CPA, CFP®, RLP®

The 5 Phase EVOKE™ Life Planning Process:


“The Life Planner’s primary mission is to deliver you into your Life Plan, your life of choice. Life Planning puts ones passion to work! It takes our deepest longings and it empowers us to realize them. Even when they seem impossible, it challenges us to find a way, and we nearly always do."

-George Kinder, father of the Life Planning movement, from his book “Life Planning for You”

Martin and George Kinder November 2014